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Seven (+?) resources for better PowerPoint

February 1, 2011

Power Corrupts

The headline in Wired magazine eight years ago proclaimed “PowerPoint is Evil.” In the accompanying article, Edward Tufte argued that the very nature of the software forced presenters (including college faculty) to dumb things down. I believe that is an extreme view, but that it takes some work to produce an effective presentation.

Readers of the POD Network email list recently shared resources for creating better PowerPoint presentations. The original request was for short handouts that could help faculty quickly improve; below is a list of materials submitted in reply. The email exchange was still going on as I wrote this article, so I reserve the right to add items later on – hence the “+?” in the title.

  1. Avoiding “PowerPoint to Death” – Hope Greenberg, University of Vermont
  2. How can I use PowerPoint more effectively? –  David Forrest, Texas Tech
  3. Learning Design Principles for PowerPoint Presentations – Patricia McGee, UT San Antonio
  4. Making Better PowerPoint Presentations – Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt U
  5. Top Ten Slide Tips – Garr Reynolds, Kansai Gaidai U (Japan), author of Presentation Zen
  6. Guidelines for Professional Medical PowerPoint Presentations – Jeff Myers, U at Buffalo (seems to have disappeared – any help?)
  7. Design Tips – Chris Clark, Notre Dame

For additional material, see the page of PowerPoint resources on our website. Also see this blog’s archives for articles on PowerPoint.

Update: more resources!

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