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Letter grades in Blackboard

February 1, 2011

The grade book in Concourse (Blackboard Vista at Notre Dame) offers a somewhat misleading “letter grade” capability. Adding a letter grade column in the grade book tells Concourse to convert an existing number grade to a letter. If you want to manually enter letter grades, use an Alphanumeric column

Here’s how to use the letter grade type of column:

  1. Start with a numeric grade column in the grade book. It could contain scores from a quiz that Concourse automatically graded, grades that you manually entered, or a calculated column.
  2. Add a column: Create Column > Letter Grade (you will need to specify the column upon which the letter grade is to be based)
  3. Set the grading scale: in the grade book, click the icon to the right of the column header and choose “Edit Column Letter Grade Scheme.” Changing the scale can get tricky; you may need a little help.
  4. Eyeball the list of letter grades to be sure they are correct, based on the scale
  5. If you don’t want students to see both number and letter grades, hide one of them
  6. Go to the “Student view” tab to verify that students can see what you want them to see

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