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Student-created media: stop motion animation

August 23, 2016

Kubo Stop motion is an animation technique where objects are moved in small increments and frames are shot like individual photos. Audiences have been enjoying the results for over a century. Some of us remember TV’s Gumby Show from the 1950s and 60s. More recent Hollywood examples include Wallace & Gromit, and Nightmare Before Christmas.

Many people thought computer graphics (CGI) would kill stop motion, but plucky animators continue to create unique films with clay, sand, paint, paper, and other materials. Laika Entertainment’s Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) is a current example.
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A baker’s dozen from

August 18, 2016 playlist is probably the best-known provider of self-paced online training for computer software, web development, media production, and related areas. Our campus recently acquired a large number of accounts for faculty, staff, and students. Folks at Notre Dame who want to purchase a VERY inexpensive license can learn more at the OIT website.

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3 new Poll Everywhere features

August 16, 2016

Poll-EverywhereNotre Dame recommends and supports Poll Everywhere for instructors who want to incorporate polling and other clicker-related activities into their classes. One reason why we like this tool is that the vendor is constantly adding features and improving the user experience. Below are three features you may not have tried.

  1. LaTeX – use it to incorporate formulas and other symbolic material in a title bar, a question — or anywhere else! (image at right)
  2. Surveys –  create self-paced sets of questions that participants complete on their own — great for questionnaires or assessments.
  3. Ranking polls – let students rank the options you provide (image below). Responses appear on a bar or column graph.

Poll Everywhere ranking poll example
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NOTE for Notre Dame instructors: our go-to resource person for Poll Everywhere is Kevin Abbott.

New semester to-do list

August 8, 2016

most interesting man - no syllabus week

Quick ideas for the beginning of the term (for more information click one of the highlighted titles or another link in red text).

Full disclosure: that’s not me in the photo. Although I can understand your confusion, I don’t have a beard.

Top 10 tips for better screencasts

August 3, 2016

screencastingA screencast is a video of what’s happening on a computer screen, usually with a narration. More sophisticated recordings can include highlighting, arrows, and other effects. Cross-platform software in this genre includes Screencast-O-Matic and several titles by TechSmith.

Riding the wave of flipped learning, lots of faculty are now screencasting PowerPoint slideshows, course introductions, short lectures, and software tutorials. What follows is an unscientific take on the most useful advice for making a good screen recording. You can read the tips or watch them as a screencast!
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