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Top 15 student media creation projects

October 16, 2015

Over time we have suggested many ways for college students to create media in a course. Some of the activities are short-term, others require more time. Several would make good projects for groups. Here, in no particular order, are my favorites – along with an inspirational(?) video.

  1. TED-style talk video
  2. Concept map with VUE or other tools
  3. Where I’m from – voice recording of an original poem (music track optional)
  4. How-to video using a One-Button Studio or screencast
  5. Public service announcement – radio or TV spot
    [list continues below video]

  1. Ignite or Pecha Kucha – speed presentation with Prezi or PowerPoint
  2. Infographic with Piktochart
  3. Story-Corps-style interview – voice recording – or an audio narrative essay
  4. Video slide show with Animoto
  5. Academic poster with PowerPoint
  6. Video remix with Touchcast or Popocorn Maker
  7. Comic book with Pixton
  8. Time line with Preceden or Dipity
  9. Video story problem – for example, “What can you do with this?
  10. Digital story with Storify

(One-page PDF handout of this list)

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