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Presentation Zen rubric

January 6, 2016

pzenThe other day a faculty member asked me if there were rubrics that follow the principles outlined in Garr Reynolds’ book, Presentation Zen. I love it when people ask great questions! After several years of conducting workshops based on Reynolds’ book I had never thought about a rubric. A web search produced some interesting attempts but nothing to my liking, so I drafted my own (only the mastery level is included and a few items are not strictly from the book).

This is something you might want to give students when you assign a presentation. You could also use it to find out how closely your own presentations follow the ideas presented in the book.

Don’t forget that Presentation Makeover Week is February 1-5!

Presentation Zen rubric

Click above to access the rubric as a Google Doc. You can then use the Google Drive File menu to save a copy or download it as a Word file. Please share your reactions and suggestions in the comments.

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