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Flipped = lecture x 2?

September 27, 2016


According to CronkNews, a professor returning from a recent conference was elated to have discovered flipped classes, a teaching model that yields “Twice As Much Time to Lecture.”

If you’re tuning in for the first time, articles at CronkNews masquerade as reports from higher ed but are actually snark-filled satire (like The Onion, but not as believable). What’s described in the first sentence didn’t happen in the real world.

One would have to be pretty cynical to imagine that any real professor would be so intent on cramming content down the throats of students or colleagues. The piece does, however, serve to remind us that student-centered teaching has yet to become standard procedure in colleges and universities.

[Image: “Backflip” by 50mm Photographer, shared under a CC:BY-NC-ND license]

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