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Students build infographic rubric

April 28, 2012
Color Wheel | Color Poster Collection

Color Wheel - Ernesto Lago

In his blog, “Agile Learning”, Derek Bruff recently wrote about A Crowdsourced Rubric for Evaluating Infographics.┬áThis is an excellent example of combining effective teaching strategies with well-chosen technology tools.

Derek describes a neat activity where students in a statistics class find and discuss infographics. They use a social bookmarking site to share the infographics they find, allowing everyone in the class to easily share their discoveries. In the process, they are also exposed to a variety of creative visualization techniques.

Students are required think critically about ways in which people use and misuse statistics. In the process, they read Megan McArdle’s piece Ending the Infographic Plague from The Atlantic.

Then he has the students build a rubric collaboratively, using a Google Doc. Together they decide what aspects of rubric design are important, and how to distinguish levels of quality. The best part is that, in the end, this rubric is used to evaluate infographics that the students themselves create.

Thanks for sharing, Derek!

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  1. April 28, 2012 3:36 pm

    Thanks, Chris! Look for a follow-up post soon on how this assignment turned out.


  1. Students build infographic rubric | language 2.0 ict attitude |

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