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POD’15.3 – Tech birds flock in SanFran

November 4, 2015

At the crack of dawn in San Francisco today, two dozen faculty developers attending the 2015 POD Conference┬ámet informally to share experiences and resources at a “birds of a feather” session on teaching with technology. Note-takers recorded the participants’┬átips, tools, concerns, and web links in a Google Doc. What follows are some of the highlights.

One topic of discussion was how to improve collaboration between pedagogy-oriented teaching centers and tech-oriented IT organizations. One solution – understanding and respecting the differences in organizational culture can go a long way. Another idea was to concentrate on making one project at a time successful.

A second general topic of interest was aligning technology with teaching and learning needs. Most attendees agreed that we need to start by identifying learning outcomes. Observing the target class was another useful strategy.

In both of the above cases, several other ideas and suggestions were given and recorded in the Google Doc. We also shared several cool tools, including Kahoot, as well as specific examples of successful practices.

POD’s Special Interest Group on Teaching with Technology (SIG-TwT) sponsored the session.

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