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21 Reasons to Use a One Button Studio

October 2, 2015

Several years ago Penn State developed the One Button Studio, a room designed to make recording video ridiculously simple: plug in a flash drive, press a button, record yourself, press the button to stop, and remove your flash drive. The room is all set up with a video camera, microphone, lights, and everything else you need. The Nittany Lions have generously shared the technical knowledge required to build one of these spaces, and the idea has spread across the country – including Notre Dame.

As with other technologies, some people will get stuck equating the One Button Studio with a specific task. However, there are at least three broad ways one can use it: to save content that was already delivered elsewhere, to record new content, or to practice a future performance of some kind. That’s a little vague, so here are some more specific ideas:

  1. Develop material for an online or “flipped” course
  2. Conduct a mock interview (and post in an LMS for peer feedback)
  3. Create a video introduction to a course
  4. Demonstrate a tool, technique, or process
  5. Archive a classroom presentation for re-use
  6. Capture a recording with a green screen or PowerPoint slides
  7. Perfect a micro-teaching lesson
  8. Record the video component of a larger assignment
  9. Deliver a lecture when you have to be away
  10. Present an academic paper (and send it to your advisor for critique)
  11. Hone the elevator speech for an academic poster
  12. Practice a group presentation (and submit it for accountability).
  13. Rehearse a dissertation defense
  14. Make a statement for job application
  15. Perform a digital story to post in an ePortfolio
  16. Warm up for a public speaking task
  17. Stage a recruitment video
  18. Prepare a professional development video
  19. Publish student content for a personal website
  20. Produce an audition for a job or music group
  21. Participate in a media competition or earn a Remix badge (ND only)

Please use the comments to share your own thoughts and experiences with the One Button Studio.

[Image credit: animated GIF by Penn State Media Commons]

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