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An easy way to add credits to Flickr images

October 1, 2015
beach waves

flickr photo ‘beach waves’ by Chris Clark
shared under a CC BY-NC-SA license

Students and faculty frequently ask me how they should give credit when using photos they find online. If you need a formal bibliographic citation, I would check a reference manual or ask a librarian. One website will generate MLA citations for digital images.

When incorporating an image into a PowerPoint or Word document I recommend including a caption with the artist’s name, the type of license, and a link to the original image (I also like to include the title).

flickr cc helper bookmarklet

Alan Levine’s flickr cc attribution helper bookmarklet is a great shortcut for captioning Flickr photos. At the helper web page, decide what kind of caption you want, then drag the blue bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmark bar.

attribution helper

Now go to the Flickr page for your desired image and click the bookmarklet. It pops up a window with code you can use on a web page as well as text you can copy-paste into a document.

attribution Helper Results

FYI, here’s my best guess at the MLA citation:

Clark, G. Christopher. Beach Waves. Digital image. Flickr. Yahoo, 25 May 2015. Web. 1 Oct. 2015.

Tip o’ the hat to Alan “CogDog” Levine for this tool and all of his good work over the years. Woof!

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