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Share URLs quickly with ShoutKey

May 14, 2015

ShoutKey screenURL shorteners (Bitly, TinyURL,,, etc.) make it easy to share long web page addresses. They usually generate a short URL with random letters that are hard to remember or speak out loud. Go to ShoutKey, paste a URL into a box, indicate how long want the link to be active (5 min. – 24 hrs.), and the site produces a random English word you can use in a short URL. For the example at right it would be

OR add two bookmarklets to your browser and it’s even easier:

  1. Create ShoutKey! – generates a five-minute ShoutKey for the page you’re on
  2. Open ShoutKey! – asks you to enter the word and then goes to the web address

enter ShoutKey

If you’re in a classroom or at a meeting or where people are going to want to share several web addresses, then asking everyone to install the two bookmarklets could save a lot of time and hassle.

The biggest limitation I can see is spelling. Not everyone can spell very well and some people (or auto-correctors) would put “we’re” into the box for my example above.

brand new ShoutKey app for iOS does roughly the same thing as the bookmarklets: (1) adds a “Create ShoutKey” option to Safari (you have to turn it on) and (2) lets you enter a ShoutKey in the app and open it in Safari.

ShoutKey also does things QR codes, but I did not explore that aspect of the service. ShoutKey is free service that was created several years ago by mobile app developer Chad Etzel.

Tip o’ the hat: Share URLs Quickly with ShoutKey (ProfHacker)

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