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Two iPad challenges met

April 10, 2015

3D modelNotre Dame ran its first THATCamp yesterday and today. We were a small group but made a good start and hope that more such events will happen. I am always interested in new ways to use my iPad, so I made an effort to try several new-to-me tools at the event.

I had never created a 3D print, so I downloaded Autodesk’s 123D Design app and built a fairly simple abstract model using geometric shapes (the image at right links to it). A colleague then downloaded the model and began printing.

I thought it would be good to document this process, so I used the iPad to shoot a couple of short videos, make some screen captures from the modeling app, and assemble everything in iMovie. I have edited videos before, but never on an iPad. The iMovie software is rudimentary compared to what I am used to (Adobe Premiere), but it did a nice job (as you can see below).

Full disclosure: I did not post this from an iPad, but I’ve already done that several times.

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