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Online group tips: 1 infographic + 8 tools

September 4, 2014

Group work infographicDrexel University Online has created an infographic titled Tips for Online Students to Work Successfully in Virtual Groups. While it may be aimed at students in an online course, nearly all of the advice applies to face-to-face groups.

At Notre Dame, faculty and students have access to a variety of tools that can facilitate group collaboration online, including:

  1. Google Docs – real-time editing of a text, spreadsheet, drawing, or presentation
  2. – file storage space
  3. Sakai forums – online discussion
  4. Skype or Google Hangouts
    desktop video conferencing

These collaboration tools have more specific applications:

  1. Pixton – comic strip or comic book
  2. Coggle – concept map
  3. TimelineJS – time line
  4. Prezi – presentation

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