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EdPuzzle for interactive video assignments

July 25, 2014

EdPuzzleEdPuzzle Logo starts by having you pick an existing online video or uploading your own. Then they provide a simple clipping tool for selecting a section of the video. Now record audio notes and embed quiz questions. Finally, assign the video to a class and invite students to join by entering a unique code. EdPuzzle tracks which students work on the assignment and how they score. The teacher can see this information in the dashboard for their account. And the accounts are free – at least until it catches on – which I hope it does.

I set up an EdPuzzle account, tried it out and everything worked well, but I went back a week later and after I recorded an answer I couldn’t see the feedback. I let them know and the bug was fixed that very day! Click the image below to try out my test video as a guest:

EdPuzzle test - screen capture

This tool has all kinds of potential applications – including the strategy suggested by my quick demo. The colleague who introduced me to EdPuzzle plans to ask them about the possibility of integrating the tool with an LMS in the future using LTI or another standard. I’d love to be able to add quizzes like these to my class websites in Sakai.

Like Remind 101 and Video, this excellent project was funded by Imagine K12. It launched in January 2014 though the efforts of a team that included Quim Sabrià, a former math teacher from Barcelona who narrates the promotional video above. I’m keeping an eye on EdPuzzle and I hope they are successful. ¡Felicitaciones!

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