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Justand – a flexible stand for tablets

July 3, 2014

justand2You just read What can I do with a document camera? and now you’re upset because you don’t have $600 to spare for an Elmo. If you have an iPad or Android tablet, then spend $99 on a Justand V2. Set up the stand on your desktop, snap in the tablet, launch the camera app, and you’re set. Afterwards, the unit collapses for storage and portability.

Classroom document camera functionality is just one benefit. The device could be a big help in the field – digitizing manuscripts in a library, for example. Fire up Skype and conduct a videoconference. Use the Justand with Lapse It for time-lapse photography or stop-motion animation. Add other software and your tablet can act as a

  • Scanner,
  • Copy stand,
  • Desktop tripod,
  • Music stand. or
  • Teleprompter.

I haven’t tried the Justand myself, but in the video below inventor Justin Franks gives a great demonstration of the device’s operation and uses.

This review from Learning in Hand offers additional details and pointers. For example, the unit is heavy – but that’s a good thing. It means your tablet will hold steady.

For a few dollars extra I’d probably go for the electronics package, which provides a light and powered USB ports. There are several other options, including a model that stands on the floor and places your device at a height of up to 48 inches.

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  1. December 27, 2017 8:35 am

    Oh, wow! What a beautiful and flexible stand for tablet. First time I saw this stand And wanting to buy this. Last night I have seen same thing at Please confirm the price. Thanks.

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