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Google launches Classroom this summer

May 7, 2014


A new tool is on the way — Classroom for Google Apps for Education. The service officially launches in September, but educators can apply now for early access that begins in June.

Based on information pieced together from the website, it looks like Classroom will blend Google Docs, Drive and Gmail to allow you to create, collect, mark up, and return assignments online. It will automatically create Drive folders for each assignment and for each student, and an assignments page will list all work a student has been assigned. The instructor will be able to share a single doc, or Classroom will automatically make copies for each student. Finally, a “real-time activity stream” will let teachers communicate with students.

While the promo below is aimed solidly at the K-12 arena, there’s no doubt that higher ed faculty will be checking out Classroom. A clever detail from the video — one of the teachers is pregnant, as if she were about to give birth to the new tool.

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  1. Kristin Lewis permalink
    May 8, 2014 12:16 pm

    This looks VERY interesting!

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