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Create stories and time lines with Meograph

March 6, 2014

Update, October 2015: Meograph is not available at this time.
The website forwards to a different application.

meograph - a moment

Meograph is a free online multimedia time line tool. It lets you create a story from “moments” that can include any or all of these elements: date, title, mapped location, video, photo, voice narration, and link. As you add more moments you build a more detailed narrative that can represent a day, a year, or an era.

I created an account and had a lot of fun assembling an example (click the image below). The interface is generally very easy to use; the issues I found are pretty minor. For example, you don’t have control over some things — like the shape of an image. Also, Meograph only displays the beginning and ending dates on your time line, not those in the middle. Truth be told, the more control you have, the more difficult it becomes to use a tool. Maybe it would be better to leave Meograph alone.

iPad users will have no trouble viewing Meographs but won’t be able to create content.

meograph sample

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  1. October 20, 2015 12:14 pm

    You bet! Wish they hadn’t killed it. I really like the idea. Keep on keepin on! Love the blog.

  2. Chris Clark permalink*
    October 20, 2015 11:42 am

    Thanks, James! I will remove it from the post.

  3. October 20, 2015 11:25 am

    Meograph timeline is dead. Just a headsup! Spoke to on of the co-founder. It is now an app on the ipad that has nothing to do with timelines. Hope this saves others some time and effort!


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