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Resolve to consult a map on teaching with technology

January 7, 2014

grow the 8 percent Paul Corrigan is on a crusade; he wants all college instructors to read a book on teaching and learning every year. Corrigan’s infographic (excerpt at right) asserts that very few of us base teaching practices on research. This is the time of year when many people make resolutions, so why not resolve to help “Raise the 8%”?

Maps, not blueprints

In a recent article on his blog, Mr. Corrigan explains that research does not provide a blueprint – a fixed set of instructions on how to teach:

The research offers maps, large maps by now, with lots of detail in certain places, but incomplete.

Mind map by Thum Cheng Cheong

We’re not talking about a travel route provided by Google Maps or set of directions from Expedia. A map alone does not tell you where to go. It identifies roads, obstacles, natural formations, and points of interest. You choose how to proceed. The maps provided by the research on teaching and learning are not complete, but consulting them can still help you navigate barriers and find a smoother path.

Books on Teaching with Technology

Corrigan’s infographic and blog list several excellent books on teaching and learning. I’d like to suggest a few titles that deal more specifically with integrating technology.

If you teach at Notre Dame, borrow one these books from the Kaneb Center and read it yourself – or gather group of people and read it together!

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  1. Paul T. Corrigan permalink
    January 7, 2014 12:09 pm

    Thanks for writing about my post and infographic. And thanks for these reading suggestions. Teaching with technology is not an area I’ve read much in and I’ve been wondering what I should read on it. These books are going on my list.

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