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The crystal ball: tablets overtake PCs in 2017

December 9, 2013

ww-pc-sales   ww-tablet-sales

Experts at the International Data Corporation (IDC) have looked into their murky spheres and predicted that by 2017 more tablets will be sold (396 million) worldwide than laptop and desktop computers combined (305 million). One major factor in PC demand is that people feel less need to replace an old system. PCs are used more hours a day than tablets, but what we do with them is not changing as rapidly.

One factor to watch in the future will be the mix of small and large tablets. The current trend is toward small tablets, but as larger phones are introduced consumers may look to differentiate by moving to larger tablets. This could be good for Microsoft; running Windows will be easier on a larger screen. New devices with builtin keyboards should also help, but use of the Windows platform is not expected to rise much.

What does this mean for higher education?

Colleges and universities should be planning to take advantage of the fact that more and more students are coming to us with tablets. We need to begin viewing these devices as an asset in the classroom, not a distraction. It won’t happen overnight, but let’s begin working to change student behavior and faculty attitudes.

Motivation: 20 Types of Tablet Tools for Teaching

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