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23 media-rich projects

November 6, 2013

Project GalleryMost people understand that the written word is only one of the ways in which people communicate. However, the typical faculty member in higher education has little experience designing or evaluating student work that depends on images, video, or sound. Remix-T is a new website aimed at helping instructors create and implement media-rich assignments.

At the heart of Remix-T is a Project Gallery that showcases twenty-three kinds of assignments (the number will grow over time). Each project has its own page with resources like examples of work by students or professionals, materials for learning how to make the project, and sample rubrics. Another central page provides links to a recommended set of tools for capturing, editing and sharing media.

After you choose a project, the site promotes three planning stages and provides resources for each: 1) Learning Goals, 2) Assessment Rubric, and 3) Project Deliverables. Finally, the site encourages instructors to conduct a pilot project before full implementation and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy.

This website is an ongoing effort of the Learning Technology Lab at the University of Notre Dame. A feedback page is provided and website users are encouraged to provide comments and ideas. A companion site for students,, is developing in parallel.

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  1. November 7, 2013 8:28 am

    Reblogged this on teachingandlearningatmsu and commented:
    Great resource for planning your courses for Spring. For myself, I have to consider the technology access of students, so I choose assignments that don’t require them to have access beyond what is available on campus.


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