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Innovating Pedagogy 2013

September 19, 2013

innovating pedagogy coverThe Open University (UK) has released its second annual Innovating Pedagogy report, exploring “new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world.” The document provides sketches of current pedagogies that have not yet had a profound influence but “might transform education.” The report cites ten innovations (four are updates from the first report). In order of perceived potential impact they are:

  1. MOOCs
  2. Badges to accredit learning
  3. Learning analytics
  4. Seamless learning
  5. Crowd learning
  6. Digital scholarship
  7. Geo-learning
  8. Learning from gaming
  9. Maker culture
  10. Citizen inquiry

I find the report’s choices interesting (I was happy to see “Maker Culture” on the list), as well as the item names. I believe that what this report calls “Seamless Learning” is called “Connected Learning” in the US and “Digital Scholarship” is an extension of the familiar “Digital Humanities.”

With a format and appeal similar to theĀ Horizon Report, this document provides many useful resources and plenty of food for thought.

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