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6 ways to project your iPad

September 17, 2013

6 ways to projectI owe my colleague Kevin Abbott two favors – one for sharing an excellent handout and another for exposing me to the blog where he found it. We were talking yesterday about ways faculty members could use a tablet to present wirelessly, so Kevin did some research and found 6 Ways to Show Your iPad on a Projector Screen. It provides an excellent summary and includes a handy PDF chart.

Our institution has security concerns over screen-sharing on the regular campus wireless network. The Apple TV option should allow us to avoid that; instructors should be able to take a tablet and an Apple TV box to class and connect to the classroom projector’s VGA input. We’re going to look into the advantages and disadvantages, and the aforementioned article will be a big help.

The article comes from Tony Vincent’s blog, Learning in Hand. Mr. Vincent, originally a 5th grade teacher, is now an Artizona-based consultant on mobile and digital learning. The blog offers some very creative teaching and learning strategies, so expect to see Tony’s name here again before long.

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