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Run Mac or PC apps from your iPad

August 30, 2013

Parallels recently released Access for iPad, an app that lets you run your Mac or PC from an iPad. There are lots of similar programs, but Access only shows you one program’s window, so you only see Word or Chrome or Keynote, not the whole computer screen.

I’m using the free trial version right now from my iPad and it works pretty well. The arrow keys on my bluetooth keyboard don’t work, and when hit delete or enter I lose the keyboard connection and have to tap the screen. That would take some getting used to. Other than that I love the idea and Access runs reasonably smoothly. I tried typing on my Mac keyboard while the app was running and, as expected, the changes appeared on my iPad.

Reviewers seem to like Access, but there are issues. The main one is the annual subscription fee of $80 per connected computer. You may experience some screen fuzziness or a bit of delay and, of course, the program requires decent Internet access. Here’s what David Pogue of the New York Times thinks:


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