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Doctor E’s audio narrative

August 28, 2013

Sound Recording

Erin Dietel-McLaughlin is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the University Writing Program at Notre Dame. Dr. Dietel-McLaughlin has a full teaching load, but also pursues research interests in rhetoric, literacy, new media, and democracy. Erin (“Dr. E” to her students) is known for effective use of technology in our first year course, Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric, where one of the projects is a multimedia narrative. Today an essay she wrote and recorded was featured on WVPE, our regional public radio station.

This essay serves not only as an excellent model for a project the students will be doing during the semester, but also as evidence that Dr. Dietel-McLaughlin can “do” as well as teach. As a high school Spanish teacher many years ago, I remember thinking it was wonderful that art teachers were able to work on their own projects in front of their students during class time. My students could hear me speaking Spanish, but they had no idea whether I could survive in Guatemala.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. E’s project, listen to her prompt for the audio narrative. My multimedia students do an audio interview project, but many of the resources on the audio editing resources page would be useful for a narrative essay.

Additional resources

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