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Polling service adds features

August 21, 2013

Poll Everywhere New FeaturesIn lieu of “clickers,” lots of faculty members at Notre Dame use Poll Everywhere as a tool for receiving responses from students during class. We have an institutional account with a set number of “seats;” in some classes the students are asked to register their names and in others the class simply has access to seats. Vanderbilt has an excellent page with resources on how to use this kind of technology effectively.

One of the reasons why we like Poll Everywhere is that they are constantly improving their service – both by making it easier to use and also by adding features. This past summer the company has been very busy, as evidenced by a press release yesterday announcing a bunch of new features:

  1. Countdown timer – set how long participants have to respond, timer counts down, turns red near the end, poll stops at zero.
  2. Anonymous polling – registered students can respond without revealing their names.
  3. Live updating word clouds – you used to have to do this on your own as an optional step.
  4. Groups of participants – if your students are registered with Poll Everywhere, you can now divide the class into groups.
  5. LMS Integration – starting with Canvas, more on the way

Poll Everywhere also teased their user base, announcing that a new type of question would soon be available — but not saying what it would be. For details, read  A massive, jam-packed feature release…

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