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Prezi brainstorming templates

July 31, 2013

Cubing Template Prezi now offers three ways to brainstorm. When you create a new Prezi, you have the option to choose one of the templates you see here. If you’re logged into Prezi right now, you can click one of the images and jump into a new Prezi based on the template. While editing, you or your students can click Share and invite other people to collaborate.

The “Cubing” template follows a strategy by Gregory and Elizabeth Cowan; start with a topic and then apply six points of view (the sides of a cube). With “Mind Mapping,” put the primary idea in the center and use colored notes to differentiate topics, adding lines and arrows to connect ideas. The “Elements” template is the weakest, simply providing notes you copy and paste as needed.

I don’t often use templates “out of the box.” I like to open them up, see how they work, and customize them. Templates can also give you ideas for other activities.

MindMap template Elements template

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