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5 ways to promote honesty in Sakai

July 16, 2013

eyesThe Sakai Tests and Quizzes tool (Samigo) can appropriately deliver online tests, quizzes, and surveys for many situations. The techniques listed below can help minimize the temptation for test-takers to be less than honest.

  1. Use multiple versions – Create several versions of the assessment and assign them to separate groups.
  2. Deliver feedback afterwards – Do not provide answers immediately to individual students. The “specific date” feedback setting lets you display feedback after the “Retract” date. In some cases, you will also want to delay releasing the assessment grades in the gradebook.
  3. Show answers in random order – When creating questions, you can specify that answers be shown in random order. Don’t use this with answers like “all of the above” or “B and C”.
  4. Draw questions at random – If you create “question pools,” Sakai can use them to randomly draw and display a different set of items to each student — in random order.
  5. Randomize question order – When not randomly drawing from a pool, items in a “Part” can be randomized using the “Question ordering” setting for the part.

[Image edited from everybody look left, everybody look right by Catherine Smith, Flickr]

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