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Linking PowerPoint to Street View

June 21, 2013

street View Link

I was walking a faculty member through this PowerPoint technique and thought I’d document it. Let me know if you find this useful.

  • Put an image of a place on a slide in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Open a browser and locate the place in Google Maps
  • streetView Guy
  • Drop the little orange street view guy where the place is on the map.
  • link Icon
  • After adjusting the location and finding the best angle, click the link icon  and copy the URL.
  • Go back to PowerPoint and select the image
  • Insert a hyperlink, and paste the URL from Google Maps.

Here’s an example, saved as a PowerPoint show (you won’t be able to edit it). When viewing a slide, you can click the image to open a browser window that shows the Google street view. If you wish, click the full screen button in the upper right corner of the image.

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