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Avatars and other introductions

June 12, 2013

fogey man

I am participating in a six-week Connected Learning MOOC (#clmooc) and our first task is to make something to introduce ourselves.

Having students introduce themselves to you and their classmates during the early days of  a college class is important. It helps you start to learn names and get to know the students. Since they often don’t know each other, this can be the first step in building mutual trust for group collaboration. With a little creativity you can even weave course material into this kind of icebreaker.

On the first day of my multimedia class the students create an avatar. As I was developing the assignment I created the avatar you see here. I do have gray hair and wear glasses, but in most ways it’s an “aspirational” image …

Here are the instructions from the course website:

  1. Choose one of these websites:
  2. Create an avatar – something you might use as a profile image later on.
    It doesn’t have to look like you but should tell something about who you are.
  3. Download the picture
  4. Submit a JPG or PDF file

This may seem like a trivial task, but in the process of doing the exercise the students see examples of interactive multimedia, capture a screen and crop it in PhotoShop, submit an assignment online, and work their creative chops. As I walk around the lab and watch the students, I begin get a sense of how they perceive themselves and whether some might be technically challenged by the course. The image also becomes a topic of conversation during our one-on-one meetings the following week.

More Ideas for Introductions

Several other projects described in this blog can be used for introductions. The first two include personal examples that tell you a little more about me.

About face

One last idea is to create a space at – a sort of jump page to other sources of information about a person. Here’s my page.

[Credits – original image, made with Create Your Own Superhero]

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  1. elkayem permalink
    June 13, 2013 11:21 am

    A few additional animation tools:
    Digital Films:

    (from Curtis Bonk’s 2013 monster syllabus for R685 Topical Seminar, Emerging Learning Technologies, Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University)


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