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Everyone gets a terabyte on Flickr

May 27, 2013

new Flickr
All Flickr accounts now come with a free terabyte of storage space. Flickr is my favorite place to find images for presentations and blog posts. I also share my own images there and my multimedia students post their work on Flickr as well. Here are a few cool ways your students can use this tool:

How big is a Terabyte?

A million megabtyes means a thousand 1GB movie files. In terms of 14 megapixel photos, you could store any of the following:

  • 710,000 JPG (90% quality) images,
  • 364, 000 JPG (100%),
  • 71,000 RAW8, or
  • 47,000 RAW12 (highest quality)

If you took a typical photo every 10 seconds without stopping during your waking hours, it would take three months to run out of space. You’d also need a bunch of memory cards and then it would take forever to upload all those gems.

Paid accounts

Flickr has a new paid account lineup, too. Instead of Pro, they offer Ad-Free ($50/yr) and Doublr ($500/yr for 2 TB). In addition to the added storage space, all accounts now boast

  • Upload 1080p HD videos of up to 1GB each
  • Video playback of up to 3 minutes each, and
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

For years I have bought a Pro account for the added space and bandwidth, but I don’t need to spend $50 just to avoid ads. Bonus!

Pretty, but Slow

Yahoo! (Flickr’s parent) seems to be trying to make a big splash, because they have radically changed the look of the site. It’s beautiful, but so far I’m not ecstatic. It takes too long to load the preview images they want you to see, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn them off. When you do a search, the resulting thumbnails are large and there is no paging. I used to be able to quickly scan through compact preview screens; now Flickr just throws more and more images onto a scrolling page.

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