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Lots of tips for better video

May 23, 2013
Chinese New Year Smartphone

Photo by Mr. T in DC, on Flickr

Ronald Yaros, a journalism professor at the University of Maryland teaches mobile video in a course titled “Information 3.0.” He offers these 6 Tips for Successful Mobile Video Assignments in the Classroom:

  1. Good video doesn’t always mean good audio – the microphone should be within an arm’s length of the speaker’s mouth
  2. Brevity is the soul of wit – keep videos short
  3. Steady as she goes – a tripod (or a stack of books) makes for a more professional look
  4. Never interview someone seated in front of a window – the primary light source should be behind the camera
  5. Be prepared with “plan B” (collecting audio and a photograph)
  6. Practice, practice, practice!

In our multimedia course, my colleague Paul Turner assigns the book How To Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck. While it’s nontechnical, the book gets deep enough to be really useful.

More advice on getting better video

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