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Creating a visual resume

May 22, 2013


Prezi has some neat templates for creating web-based résumés (clickable images left and below). I’m not sure I would send it to every potential employer, but the right person might find it really intriguing.

A visual resume could be an excellent activity for a class – or make a colorful contribution to an electronic portfolio.

Whiteboard Timeline

Amy Mayer has another template for creating a “Prezume” on an iPad. A companion blog post and YouTube video (below) explain how to use the template.

Prezi is certainly not the only tool you can use to create a visual resume. The CBS News website has an article about 3 ways to make stunning visual resumes. The image below links to an article about, featuring an imaginary resume for actor Ashton Kutcher.

kutcher resume infographic

And there’s always dear old PowerPoint. It may not be as novel as the other tools, but it’s very easy to use. Saranyan Vigraham posted this on SlideShare:

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