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Grading a single test question in Sakai

April 17, 2013

Sakai test question scoringI am gradually becoming more expert in the various tools that comprise Sakai. I have used the gradebook an assignments tools extensively for two years in my own course, but only recently began to dig deeply into the third “power tool,” tests and quizzes.

One question I have received from a number Sakai users is whether one can easily grade an individual question across multiple assessments. Fortunately, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

People are interested in this because Sakai can automatically grade all of your multiple choice questions, but the instructor has to manually grade short answer or essay items. Sakai lets you finish the scoring process by viewing and grading multiple students’ answers to a single question at one time.

Anonymous grading:┬áIf you don’t want graders to be able to see names when scoring answers, then before you publish the assessment edit its Settings. Under “Grading,” find “Students’ Identities” and select “Anonymous grading only.” This is a great way to force yourself to be objective in grading.

How it works

After students complete an assessment, look for its title under “Published” in the tests and quizzes tool. There should be a number greater than zero under “Submissions.”

  1. On the “Select Action” menu, choose “Scores”.
  2. Click the “Questions” link on the horizontal gray bar
  3. At the Questions screen, click the number of the desired question.
  4. Enter the scores
  5. Click “Update” when you’re done.

view responses inline

If your students’ answers are long, you will see the first line followed by a link. Having to click that link each time can be annoying. To fix this, change the view option from “Responses Pop-Up” to “Responses Inline” (above).

Sakai question grading quick sheet

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