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Use tablets to collaborate on a timeline

March 26, 2013

timeline collaboration on an ipad

Making a timeline can be a meaningful strategy in many disciplines. Students and faculty can create timelines from any of the following:

  • The life of an artist or musician
  • A course calendar
  • The plot of a novel, movie, or play
  • A president’s term in office
  • The geological history of a location
  • A scientific discovery
  • The stages of a class project
  • Daily activities in Spanish

Last year we told you about creating Timelines from Google spreadsheets. The video below was developed to show journalists how to use the TimelineJS technology described in that article.

One benefit of TimelineJS is that multiple people can work on the spreadsheet at one time. An since Google docs are mobile-friendly, students can use a tablet to edit them. A recent article at “The History 2.0 Classroom” provides specifics for iPad users: TimelineJS X Google Drive = Collaborative Timelines with iPads.

Other timeline tools

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