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Students can create video story problems

March 14, 2013

It’s not always easy for students in STEM disciplines to relate to the premise of a traditional word problem. The content may seem dry to the students, or they may have no experience with the situation being described. Ben Rimes, a school technology coordinator from Michigan is responding to this concern with a strategy called Video Story Problems.

Video story problems are an attempt to capture examples from the real world and bring them into the classroom. The idea reminds me of Dan Meyer’s What Can You Do With This technique.

The videos I saw were primarily aimed at school kids, but the example below should be one to which college faculty can relate.

Creating a video story problem is an excellent way for a college student (or professor or TA) to show their grasp of a concept. Videos created by one class can become learning tools for students in the next semester’s class.

Before you have students create a video story problem, make one yourself. You don’t have to be a champion videographer. If you want, use screencast software or film with a cell phone camera. Ben Rimes provides a Video Story Problem Planning Template to help you get started.

K-12 students are now producing these videos; here are some examples and there are 170 more on the Video Story Problem channel.

>> Check out Ben’s blog, The Tech Savvy Educator <<

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  1. Ben Rimes permalink
    April 3, 2013 8:57 am

    Thanks for the nod to the work that I’m trying to encourage teachers and students to do. It’s been interesting to see how both veteran and neophyte educators take to the concept; there’s a lot of “educational gold” just below the surface here I think. Every time I work with a new class (many don’t share through the official Video Story Problem channel, which is cool), they take the idea and twist it in new directions that make the learning much deeper.

    I never thought about how it might work at the post-secondary level. I know a lot of the big universities are making news with all of their Open Content on iTunesU or how much they’re investing in the latest MOOC course manager. I would love to see more universities take a lead from the University of Mary Washington and focus more on student creation, network building through open platforms (like WordPress), and making direct links between the classrooms on campus and the real world.

    I’m not sure how the Kaneb Center works, but if you do some consulting with teachers at the university, I’d love to see if any of them (or their students) decide to create some of these videos! I would be fascinated to see what a college student might create with this model and how it could be applied.


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