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Camscanner can capture and share

February 4, 2013


Camscanner is a very popular app for iOS and Android. With it, you can use the camera in a smartphone or tablet to photograph a document and turn it into a PDF. With the right version of the app, you can save a file online and sync it between multiple devices. The developer even provides a free upgrade to folks who register with an .edu email address.Camscanner
NOTE: a phone or tablet is not always the best way to capture documents; there may be times when you need a flatbed scanner (see Scanner or camera: Which is better?).

Inspired by ProfHacker’s article, Turn Your Phone Into a Scanner, I loaded Camscanner HD onto my iPad 3 and used it to convert an image stored on the device into a PDF. Then I was able to easily transfer it to my Box account. That could be very helpful for folks using Box or Dropbox to store course files. The iPad version of the app also provided a way to annotate and tag the document I converted.

I then loaded the free version of the iPhone app onto my phone. Right away, I was disappointed that it was a separate app. It also turns out that the .edu upgrade is not nearly as powerful as the one for the iPad. I scanned a business card with my iPhone 4 with good results; I like both versions’ ability to adjust color, brightness, etc. after scanning. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to share what I have on the iPhone with the iPad until I pay for an upgrade. But it’s definitely worth a few bucks.

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