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Line up office hours with YouCanBook.Me

January 7, 2013

YouCanBook.MeFor a number of years faculty have used a Google Calendar feature called “appointment slots” to allow students to sign up for events like office hours or movie screenings. As I reported last month, Google has eliminated this feature — but there are alternatives!

This morning ProfHacker highlighted an appointment service called YouCanBook.Me. I was able to easily create a free account and link it to my Google calendar. Then I set up slots for “Meet the Prof” sessions, which I conduct at the beginning of each semester. To test it out, I signed up for an appointment myself and it worked like a charm. While going through this process, I discovered that YouCanBook.Me provides some useful improvements, including customized email confirmations and the ability to cancel an appointment.

To learn more, visit YouCanBook.Me or see How to customize YouCanBook.Me to replace Google Calendar Appointment slots or Tungle scheduling tool by Jack Dougherty (Trinity College, Hartford CT).

A tip o’ the hat to Chaz Barbour.

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