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Six resolutionary ideas

January 3, 2013


The start of a new semester is an opportune time to try new strategies and improve on old practices. Why not try something that involves technology? This article offers suggestions for manageable goals you might want to consider.

If you’re not inclined to take risks, choose a single modest objective. A larger target is easier to hit. Those who are more adventurous might try for three or more. I suggest that you not invest heart and soul in these efforts. Instead, consider each a trial run.

Without any further delay here are your six resolutionary ideas.

  • Visualize – avoid text altogether in your next PowerPoint (see Presentation Zen).
  • Expand – in one class session, incorporate a tool you have never used before (maybe Preceden).
  • Upgrade – explore an advanced feature of a tool you now use (e.g., MS Word’s reviewing tools).
  • Recycle – develop an assignment where students relate a YouTube video to course content.
  • Capture – have students use a phone or other device to record sound (try SoundCloud).
  • Collect – gather information from your students using an online tool (see Google Forms)

The end goal for any of these activities should be to enhance learning. After you’re finished, keep the ideas which you believe help the students. If a strategy falls short of your expectations, consider giving it another try with a different twist. An let us know how it goes for you!