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Attendance iPad app rewritten

September 21, 2012

I used David Reed’s “Attendance” app in my class last spring. Taking the roll on my iPad was quick and painless. Including photos was a small chore but worthwhile. Reed has released a complete re-write of the app. Here is a detailed review in ProfHacker – Attendance2: An Update for the Attendance App for iOS Devices.

For background and support information, check out the app’s home page. It features FAQs and several tutorials, including the video below. The app costs $4.99 – even if you already own version 1.

It hasn’t received a lot of ratings in the app store yet, but so far the reviews are very positive. I downloaded the app and it’s obvious that a number of features have been added. My only real complaint with the first version was that it was not visually pleasing (no big deal, huh?), and the new one looks about the same. When I used it last spring, I found that after everything was set up it worked very well.

Reed does not offer an Android version of his app, but I found this app from Android for Academics. It gets 3.5/5 stars in Google’s Android app shop.

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