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Sakai Tip: Allowing a TA to edit content

August 28, 2012

The University of Notre Dame is adopting Sakai during 2012-13. This is the first in a series of tips designed to help faculty use the new system. 

As of today, Sakai Tips replaces Concourse on the blog menu.

User permission settings in the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment allow a teaching assistant (TA) to help with grading, assignments, and quizzes. A TA can add resources but not update them, nor can she change the home page or work with the syllabus. However, one can fix or work around those three negatives easily.

Three steps the instructor needs to take

  1. Link the home page to a file – in the Resources tool, create and save a simple HTML document with the content you want to appear on the home screen. You could save it in a “Home Page Items” folder, along with image files. Click Actions > Edit Details to find and copy the URL of the file. Open the Home tool, click Options and paste it into the “Site Info URL” box.
  2. Link the syllabus to a file – in the Resources tool, upload your syllabus as a PDF and copy its URL (see #1). In the Syllabus  tool, click Create/Edit > Redirect and then paste in the URL.
  3. Grant the TA permissions – on the Resources tool menu, click Permissions and check all of the boxes for the TA role.

What this lets the TA do in the Resources tool

  • Edit the home page – to the right of the file name, click Actions > Edit Content
  • Update the syllabus – click Actions > Upload New Version
  • Upload new files – by the folder name, click Add > Upload Files
  • Create folders – click Add > Create Folders
  • Arrange items in any order – to the right of the file name, click Actions > Reorder
  • More – move, delete, or duplicate files; add text files or web links
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