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Going mobile with Keynote

June 5, 2012

Keynote RemoteLast Friday I presented a session on Garr Reynolds’ book Presentation Zen at the Wakonse Conference on College Teaching. I thought it went very smoothly and the participants seemed pleased as well. I was a little nervous before the session began. This was my first time presenting from an iPad, not to mention using an iPhone to control the presentation!

In preparing for the conference, I decided to take only an iPad and leave the laptop in my office. This meant I would have to rely on other people’s technology or I use the iPad to present. After some exploring, I discovered that one can control a Keynote presentation using the iPhone app, “Keynote Remote” ($.99).

Keynote Remote screenshotI use PowerPoint. Nothing against Keynote, I simply never felt the urge to switch. I had the Keynote app on my iPad ($9.99) but not on my desktop, so I quickly bought a copy ($19.99) from Apple’s App Store. I then imported my PowerPoint slides into Keynote – not a problem. I had to tweak a few slides, but there were no major issues. Then I transferred the Keynote file to the iPad. Again, no problem.

I feared that the tricky part was now at hand. In reality, connecting the Keynote Remote app to Keynote on the iPad was very simple. They paired up as a bluetooth connection and could have been simpler. I was able to control the presentation with no problems. The iPhone even displayed my notes, which made my presentation feel more natural than ever.

I will definitely use this method often in the future. It’s much easier to carry around an iPad with a VGA adapter than a laptop! I’m not sure how well the PowerPoint-to-Keynote conversion works for Windows, but you can also build presentations directly on an iPad.


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  1. June 6, 2012 6:58 am

    Good to hear that your presentation went well. I’ve written an Enhanced eBook with a chapter that covers importing PowerPoint presentations into Keynote. The rest of the book covers creating a presentation from scratch as well as a chapter on preparation and final delivery. The name of the book is “Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook) 2012 | by: Kevin D. Jones.” It’s available in the iBookstore and includes 10 interactive videos.

    Kevin D. Jones, Keynote for iPad Evangelist

  2. Kristin Lewis permalink
    June 5, 2012 9:26 pm

    Very cool. I still can’t believe that they haven’t added some sort of annotation functionality into keynote for iPad. It seems like such a logical move.

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