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1940 Census progress

April 6, 2012

As you probably know, the 1940 US Census data has been released. Images of census pages are available for viewing but they are not indexed, so you have to know where to look. I knew addresses for some of my ancestors, so I was able to find the enumeration district where they lived. Then I could call up a small set of images and browse until I found the right people. Here are two grandparents and an aunt:

Thousands of volunteers around the country are busy indexing the data. The finished project will represent millions of volunteer hours. I’ve done a few pages myself, and the hardest part is reading the cursive handwriting!

After all of the pages have been indexed it will be much easier to find your grandparents. You’ll be able to search the complete free index online. At last check, Delaware was ready for searching and Colorado was 75% done. It will take months to finish all fifty. Why not join the project and encourage your students to do the same?

Progress map

Click the map for an updated view of which states are ready for searching

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