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Internal Mobile Summit at ND

February 22, 2012

Mobility Shifts badgeLast fall I was intrigued by ProfHacker’s Report from Mobility Shifts, a conference that “embraced a playful vision of the future” and featured three themes

  • Digital Fluencies for a Mobile World
  • DIY U: Learning Without a School?
  • Digital Learning Projects Globally
This idea has languished in my “drafts” folder since October, but one quote stayed with me.

We love our mobile devices, whether iPhones or Droids or other. But there are still plenty of classrooms where these devices aren’t even welcome.

There are plenty of reasons why – poor reception, insecurity, lack of knowledge, and cost are a few – but the situation can’t help but change. The potential applications of mobile devices in teaching and learning are too compelling. On my campus, one very positive development takes place later this week.

Notre Dame is conducting an internal Mobile Summit this Friday (February 24) to brainstorm and discuss how the university can use mobile and tablet applications to help teaching, learning, research and university services. I can’t wait! One of my student tech assistants will speak during the afternoon “lightning rounds” about a location-based game we have developed using the ARIS engine. It’s exciting that we already have more than twenty-five people with something to say in this area. It will be fun to “be on the leading edge as Notre Dame begins work on a mobile strategy for campus.”

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