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Where do YOU stow your stuff?

November 1, 2011

Stuff drawMost of us have a variety of electronic “stuff” that we need to stow online, and there are many options for places to do this.¬†The good folks at Keene State (NH) have provided a great little summary, titled¬†Where Can I Put My Stuff?.

One item that is not on their list is web addresses. I find it necessary to keep track of a lot of websites – resources, services, articles, etc. I will lose them if I simply bookmark them on one browser on a single machine, so I put that kind of “stuff” in Diigo.

I also like to store some presentations on SlideShare – not all of them, just the ones I need to share with other people, like conference attendees or workshop participants.

The article recommends DropBox for storing all kinds of files. I have used and recommended DropBox for years. However, at Notre Dame we are on the verge of adopting I’m nervous about the switch but excited that the whole campus will be using one system – and that it will connect with other resources.

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