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Meet you at the Prezi

October 6, 2011

Prezi is a presentation tool that lets you create a canvas of text and visuals, then identify a path from one item or group to another. When you show the presentation, Prezi zooms in on each successive item. If something is placed at an angle, the canvas rotates as it zooms in. I have written about Prezi numerous times, but never discussed the Prezi Meeting feature, which allows for real-time group editing. Here are the basics of how it works:

  • On the display screen before opening a Prezi, click “Edit Together”

    OR – open the Prezi, click “Meeting” on the menu bar and select “Invite to edit”
  • A link appears – send it to your collaborators (up to ten of them). The link expires after a week.
  • Collaborators enter in Show mode, then switch to Edit
  • Other people’s cursors appear as different colored avatars on your screen.
  • Everyone has full editing capabilities.

The Prezi Meeting help page has a couple of helpful videos, including one below. It’s a little too cute for me, but shows what the tool looks like when it’s being used.

You also have the option to view an online presentation together – viewers watch you navigate the Prezi but are not able to edit.  You could use this feature to allow a student with a laptop at her seat (or a professor in the back of the room) to remotely control a Prezi at the podium. I’m pretty sure the iPad client can’t do this – but that would be nice.

Some folks will assume Prezi Meeting would be mostly used when people are in different locations, but there are plenty of ways to use it in a classroom. Groups of students could work together to develop a single Prezi – perhaps a concept map.

I found two excellent write-ups of specific uses of Prezi Meeting in college classes:

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