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Three blog add-ons proposed to boost writing

June 13, 2011

Jack Dougherty, an education professor at Trinity College (CT), has launched a website aimed at collaboratively envisioning and building a powerful creative tools. Quoting from the website, “The goal … is to introduce the combined power of three collaborative writing tools … and open up new possibilities for innovative pedagogy and scholarly communication.” Dougherty proposes to start with the ubiquity and relative ease of WordPress as a blogging platform and extend its functionality via three plugins:

  1. will allow readers to share comments on specific paragraphs of a text. Followers of the Horizon Report may have seen this in action. The NY Public Library has another example at their Candide 2.0 site.
  2. BibliographyZotpress gives blog authors access to their collections of bibliography entries at Zotero. Among other functions, you can display items in a blog post or link to collections.
  3. Publication – Anthologize, a plugin in the early stages of development, helps assemble and organize blog posts and other content, then export the product as a PDF or  ePUB for online distribution.
This could be a potent combination! The site appeared at the end of spring semester, so it’s not surprising that only a few folks have registered comments. Personally, I was inspired to check into — I think there are many faculty who could use it in a course. You can read more about Jack Dougherty and his project at ProfHacker.
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