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Off to the games conference #gls7

June 13, 2011

First thing tomorrow I’m driving up to Madison, Wisconsin for the Games+Learning+Society Conference (GLS). I am very interested in the topic but not a major gamer. While I have created a couple of very simple educational games, I never play games in my own classes. So what the heck am I doing at GLS? As an educator involved in faculty development I believe that games have huge potential to enhance teaching and learning and I need help getting people excited about integrating serious games into courses at the college level.

I have read some good books, notably James Paul Gee’s Good Video Games and Good Learning and Jesse Schell’s The Art of Game Design. And I have tried to get other people interested by starting a learning community on serious games. When I leave GLS I’m hoping to go home with good resources, specific tips and general inspiration. If you’re attending GLS, maybe we’ll run into each other!

One of my goals for each of the next four days is to blog about at least one resource, tip, or bit of inspiration. Wish me luck!

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