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Make 360-degree iPhone videos with Dot

June 1, 2011

I’ve been suggesting a lot of new tools lately but I couldn’t resist showing just one more. Later this summer, look for Dot, an $99 iPhone add-on by Kogeto that shoots 360-degree video. At the company’s website there are some sample videos (at the top of the page – the others are from a more expensive device). Play a sample video and drag across the image to look in whatever direction you want. Pretty cool! (I can’t embed the sample videos here – they require Flash)


The video above says the device’s big sister, Lucy, is now being used as a teacher evaluation tool and suggests Dot would be great for meetings, travel, and other applications. The Dot video samples on the website are fuzzy, especially compared to media produced by Lucy. That’s not surprising, given the cost differential and Dot’s small form factor. When the camera is released this summer (there’s a party at the end of this month) we can hope it produces sharper video. Time will tell if the quality will be good enough for the device to succeed beyond the “gee whiz!” crowd.

Side note: the company has been successfully using Kickstarter, a funding service for creative projects, to build interest in the project while raising development funds at the same time.

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