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Two sticky tools – Corkboard & Edistorm

May 26, 2011

On Tuesday I mentioned that I had seen some new tools I wanted to share with you. Two of them – Corkboard and Edistorm – involve sticky notes on a board, but they are very different.

Corkboard for Notes and Reminders lets you post photos and notes on a virtual corkboard. If you share the location of your personal corkboard, other people can add to it or change the  information. The tool has a limited set of capabilities. You can do basic text styles, for example, but there are only yellow notes. That’s okay; simple can be a good thing. One neat detail is that you can embed a corkboard on a web page (here’s an example). The embedded version does not work on my iPad and when I used Google Chrome I could not bold my text.


I expect it won’t be long before they fix the quirks and add more features. LifeHacker reviewed the tool when it was released last year and produced the neat little demo video below. Go ahead and give it a try!

Edistorm for Brainstorming

The other sticky note tool is Edistorm, and it is specifically designed for brainstorming. Create notes with text, image, or video and move them anywhere you like, then change the color of a note or group some into a neat little row or column. You can open the “recommendations” area of the screen to receive hints for related ideas. If you like a suggestion you can drag it onto the board. If not, give it a “thumbs down” and it goes away.

This tool is meant to be shared. A user “votes” for an idea by dropping a little green ball on it. There’s also a way to comment on any item. When you are ready, you can export your “storm” to a PDF or Excel file – or view a report on how people are voting. It’s a great idea. I created a storm (image above) and found it a little buggy on both Chrome and Firefox on my Mac – but not frustrating enough to give up. Here’s how it works:


Have any of you readers tried either of these tools – or similar ones? How did you use them? Did they work well?

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