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No shared to do list for homework?

April 19, 2011

The Joys of Homework, by Cayusa

I would like to have a web-based shared “to do list” for my course. It would let me distribute copies of tasks to multiple students, but allow students to add their own. Each item would optionally include a type (homework, in-class work, study, practice, etc), due date, web address, and notes.

Each student would be able to check off items as they were completed, and the list would be accessible on a web page or smartphone. Ideally, students would be able to integrate the list into a Google account. Since the assignments are not sensitive information, security should not be a huge problem.

I tried to find examples of this on the Web, but nothing specific came up. There were vague references, but nothing like the kind of system I would want to see. Google Calendar has a task list, but there only appears to be one list per user. It might work for my needs if there were a separate task list for each calendar and students could subscribe to receive copies of items on their own lists. I don’t want one person to check off an item and then have everyone else see it as completed.

At Notre Dame we use Blackboard Vista as our course management system (CMS), and it has a tool for posting assignments. The system I’m describing here would be more comprehensive and allow for simple tasks, such as reminders. You could also display a web-based list inside a CMS, even if it did not integrate directly.

Have any of you readers been able to do this kind of thing with an existing web tool? Any ideas? Any developers out there?

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